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■ It is equipped with a DDR3-1333 fully supported DRAM chip high-quality memory chip installed! Patriot Memory you own selection was screened own strict standards. In addition, standard equipped with a heat spreader to achieve stable operation spreads the heat generated by the chip of high load state, to dispel the concerns of malfunction of dual channel when lot-to-lot difference in the two pieces of sets the same lot further, DDR3-1333 non-ECCunbuffered memory I did it with the product of stable operation-oriented as no more. Of course, permanent repair warranty sticks to this product. ■ to infer the state-of-the-art trends in the memory module industry, as well as to reflect on the design and design, product designer team of feelings ● Product Design PATRIOT Patriot Memory of offers memory modules consistently high-quality. ● In order to meet the global demand product Signature Line of manufacturing process Patriot Memory made ​​of (SL) memory modules, produced by the hands of highly-skilled staff California Fremont (United States), the product of state-of-the-art to support it I own a manufacturing facility

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