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Sony Picture Station Digital Photo Printer – DPPFP35 Description

Product Description Digital Photo Printer Your memories deserve PictureStation prints. Sony’s DPP-FP35 delivers lab-quality photo prints at home, in about 75 seconds–with advanced dye sublimation technology that captures over 16 million colors for spectacular results. You can make borderless 4′ x 6′ prints for framing, mounting in albums or sharing with family and friends. SuperCoat2 lamination gives you prints that last and last–and the auto-feed paper tray holds up to 20 sheets, so you can print more images or make duplicate prints with less reloading. Supplied USB connector and PictBridge compatibility1 make camera hookup quick and simple. Features Fast, Cost-effective Color Printing Sony’s compact DPP-FP35 can produce lab-quality color prints quickly, easily and cost-effectively at home, office, even while traveling–so you never have to take film or media to photo labs to print images, only to get back prints you didn’t really want or need. High Output Speed Sony has designed highly sensitive print paper for faster output with the dye sublimation process–and the DPP-FP35 can create a full-sized 4′ x 6′ print in about 64 seconds from a PC, or about 75 seconds from a direct PictBridge™ connection2 to a Sony Cyber-shot camera. Advanced Dye Sublimation Process Sony’s dye sublimation printers can print 256 shades for each of three dye colors–cyan, magenta and yellow. All together, that adds up to 16,777,216 distinct colors for each pixel, creating beautiful, vivid color prints. By comparison, a 4-color inkjet printer can reproduce 16 distinct colors for each dot. Even a high-cost 7-color inkjet printer can reproduce just 128 distinct colors per dot. Superior Color Gamut Sony dye sublimation photo printers actually have a superior range of colors compared to conventional silver halide chemical-process photo prints, especially in reds and yellows–for creating prints with vivid, natural colors that standard film prints can’t match. SuperCoat2 Coating Durability Sony PictureStation printers fuse an incredibly durable protective laminate coating to each print–protecting the surface from fingerprints, moisture and color fading so color photos can remain bright and beautiful, year after year. Convenient PictBridge Printing When you connect a PictBridge compatible camera to a Sony digital photo printer, you can use the camera’s LCD monitor to preview pictures, select the ones to print and start printing. The printer acts under the control of the camera–and eliminates the need to turn on a computer, download images from a digital camera, and then transfer files to a printer. Auto-Feed Paper Tray You can produce up to 20 full-size, full-color prints at a single session without re-loading paper–a real time-saver when you have lots of shots or want duplicate prints to share with family and friends. Compact Size Even with its lab-quality color performance and PC-free printing, the Sony DPP-FP35 Picture Station digital printer is compact enough to fit in anywhere–with a smaller footprint than a standard 8′ x 10′ photo print. What’s in the box Sony DPP-FP35, Cleaning Cartridge, Paper Tray, CD-ROM USB Driver, AC Adapter, 4×6 Print Pack (10 Sheets)

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